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I am Kanu Priya

Smiling towards a new dawn, Kanu Priya moves forward...

Media Celebrity | Actor |Anchor | Writer - Direcotr | Filmmaker | Thespian | Parenting Expert } Acting Coach





And I love to Talk. I've been talking almost all my life ... chatting with friends, gossiping with aunties, discussions with colleagues, debates with contenders, and through all the talking I've done in the last three decades, I've realized that talking Empowers You 

Now, I've taken a step forward and come up with various films, television shows, web series, plays, workshops, and programs that cater to our day to day problems.

We all know what is happening out in the world. Everything, every relationship, every bond is breaking. At times we feel that we are surrounded by complete darkness.  


I'm offering you the option to jump into the light. I'm offering you empowerment. I am using these powerful mediums of mass media to talk about the real things which matter, about the soft issues, the personal problems which we all ignore.

Because once we start talking about it, start sharing it, the problem reduces and we are able to find the solutions together.


With your constant support, I've been successful so far.  And I'm taking this big jump. I hope you'll be there, on the side waiting for me.


Love, Light & Gratitude 

I am Kanu Priya

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